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3 and 1/2 weeks into the custom 12 week program i wrote for her! just see for your self the large amount of body fat that she has dropped! Still 8 and 1/2 weeks to go!  and only 3 months after having a baby! I specialize in post pregnancy fat loss and muscle tone!

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I have overcame significant transformations in my physique over the years. Through trial and error, persistency, and acquired knowledge .  I have  become so obsessed and absolutely LOVE fitness and bodybuilding, it makes my days to help others achieve results and to see others proud of their transformations. I am here to help, and through my own transformation throughout the site, I can PROMISE you a change in your physique. 

I have been bodybuilding for 8 years now, toning and altering my physique

I hope you can find everything you need. Built My Body is focused on providing high-quality service in helping you build the body that you have always desired. I offer custom workout routines and diet plans for building monster mass, lean mass, and quality muscle. Also, in toning your body, shedding unwanted, stubborn body fat, and leaning out while maintaining the maximum amount of muscle, and getting rid of post pregnancy body fat while toning and tightening the body.

My custom plans are based on each individuals schedules, food allergies, height, weight, goal weight, goal physique appearance, and likes and dislikes in their personal eating preferences. 

Every email, every question, every time you need help with something, it is me answering those emails, those questions. A lot of trainers use assistants, i am proud to say that i DO NOT. Every program is custom written by me and me ALONE. 

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